About Town in Cuenca

I am enjoying my days in Cuenca, a colonial town 8, 300 feet above sea level, blessed by four rivers and much music. I am told that secondary students here are required to study Quechua as well as English. How heartening is language revitalization! Quechua, the endangered language of the Inca empire, is still spoken by eight to twelve million people across six (I also read ten) South American countries.  Linguists have pointed out that the Quechua language is very complicated, more precise than Spanish or English, with a much larger vocabulary.

Tomebamba River from my room

St. Ann rules, Cuenca Cathedral

Vivaldi Festival, Cuenca

La Madre Park

Andean sunset view from my room

And here are a few more Guayaquil photos I just received from my Laguna guide and paddle board teacher, Mafy.




A Stand-Up Kind of Woman


Arboreal Iguana above my kayak!

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