Are you sitting
somewhere on the earth?
Are you alive
under the sky?
Are you breathing in and out?
Oh, how fortunate!
Do you have a place
on the earth right now?
Every being is somewhere,
in a certain place on the planet.
You have a spot right now,
where you are belonging.

Grateful you feel for the world,
and for the world you feel
much sorrow.
You sit in your spot and the feelings
come and go, come and go.
You’re not making war on yourself,
you’re not bestowing aggression.
Breathing, in your place,
on the earth and under the sky,
you give to the good green earth,
a little peace,
an essential gift of peace.

©Susa Silvermarie 2022
with thanks to Arawana Hayashi’s AS IT IS meditation

One Response to “Fortunate

  • Alicia Holmes
    2 months ago

    Susa, your poems always reacquaint me with the best of myself. Best regards.