How Do We Heal

How do we heal, what can we do
to be here, to be whole?
I see my little sister
shining fearless and healing,
her surgery behind her.
The Afghan families, thousands
pouring daily into camps—
I see them fed and sheltered.
I see us earthlings, all—
on our ball so tiny and blue,
spinning in expanding velvet dark—

I see us coming whole,
learning that healing for one
contributes to healing for all.

How do we heal,
what can we do?
Slowly we learn to view the suffering
with an eye that resides inside.
Standing in our small and human place
within the great completeness,
to see from here, from wholeness,
to behold the multiverse
and comprehend that we are one,
cherished by the Quantum Self–
unwounded at the core.

©Susa Silvermarie 2021

See below our human  place in the photo Pale Blue Dot taken by Voyager I on February 14, 1990

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