In Mexico One Learns to Wait

Are you trying to make me laugh?
Out here past my usual limits,
I learn they were illusory.

Waiting takes me to a planet
that has no past or future state.
You’ve hauled me kicking to the present

where everything expands
but nothing moves.
Where patience has no meaning,

and days hold weeks, until
the only thing to do is dance.
I think you’re trying to make me laugh.

I surrender to the strangeness
of this offworld place.
I click my heels

to the rhythm of nothing to do,
nowhere to go.
But oh, how long can I go?

I thought you promised
Just when I see the point of endings,

this wait endures. Oh Mexico,
Let me step into your tickle.
Let me bounce and laugh,

kick up heels and find the fun
of day after day after day
of waiting.

©Susa Silvermarie 2021

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