Landing on the Twelfth of December

IMG_0729Astronomers now believe that the vast majority of stars are orbited by planets. In our galaxy alone, that means billions of planetary systems. Lift your eyes to the sky and stretch your imagination that far!

This week in our own beloved solar system, our dear moon will be transiting the constellation of Gemini on December 12. The moon on this day happens to be at the point in its orbit called perigee, the point that is nearest to Earth. The sign called Gemini is already known as passionate and potent, and astrologers say that transits with the Moon when at perigee are more intense. Add to this, the fact that December 12 is the eve of the full moon in Gemini, full moons usually being experienced by earthlings as the most ardent, vigorous times of each monthly cycle.solstice_full_moon_6-20-13

My Tattoo Guadalupe

My Tattoo Guadalupe

Now let your imagination land all the way back down on our tiny blue dot called home. Heads-up for attentiveness on the auspicious and spirited possibilities of December 12! Here in Mexico and elsewhere on our cozy spinning planet, December 12 is the day that celebrates Our Lady of Guadalupe, also lovingly called La Morena, Queen of Mexico, and the Empress of the Americas. (Notice the Americas plural, oh nearsighted we of the US who thought that we were the only Americans).

The woman who appeared on the hill in Tepeyac and spoke in the Nahuatl language of the Aztecs has many names. At that same site, she was long worshipped as Tonantzin, Venerable Mother, by the ancestors of the indigenous man to whom she appeared in 1531. Some say that La Morena, (being a virgin, ie, a woman belonging only to herself) reflects the blessing of moonlight to women everywhere. Some say that this Goddess Tonantzin, who painted her self-portrait on Juan Diego’s cloak in 1531, is the Matron Saint of Artists. Many attest that she can help anyone, especially those who have been unable to find help anywhere else.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Tonantzin

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On December 12, with the moon in perigee in Gemini, on the eve of the Full Moon in Gemini, and on the day honoring of the Great Mother of Many Names, we can call on her magnificent compassion. Let us ask her to help humanity jump the synapse from here — our current breakdowns, to there — a future of abundance for all. Happy December 12 to everyone from my new home in Ajijic (A-hee-heek), Nahuatl for “the place where the water springs forth.”

A Short History of Tonantzin:



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