Morning on Earth

Lake Chapala ripples toward shore.
Pink daybreak, like prayers,
rays out over the waters.
Round Grandmother Moon
smiles farewell in the west.
Dawn chorus blends with cricket goodnights.
Morning on earth, oh gladness.

Poinciana torches on the highest trees
lit by fingers of rising sun,
flare to flame.
New day lays light across
the bodies of green mountains,

phography by Susa Silvermarie

waking them with the touch of a Mother.
Morning on earth, oh generosity.

I ask Tara to teach me her language.
May my open throat
praise without words.
May I do the work of my life this day:
singing quiet kindness
around our spinning home.
Morning on earth, oh gratefulness.

©Susa Silvermarie 2019



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