Ocean of Light We Live In

Perhaps some ocean beings
are conscious of the sea
that is their medium.
Likely most don’t notice
the water they swim within.
As we humans
usually don’t perceive
we live in an ocean
of life-force light.

We swim in a sea of vitality,
our physical body,
conduit extraordinaire
for invisible animation,
our mind the conductor
directing the life-force stream.
Nonphysical thoughts
move our fingers, our limbs, our mouth.
The mind has the power

not just to move matter,
but to guide and direct
the sea of life-force light.
With only the needles of mind
we unblock our channels,
so the ocean of light we live in
pours through the passages.
All of creation is waiting
for us to find our power.

Waiting for us humans,
after we’ve noticed the sea,
after we’ve filled our body
up to the brim with light,
to take the healing energy
and from our conduit bodies,
to radiate it out,
to spread, diffuse, and issue it
out to all the worlds.

©Susa Silvermarie 2022

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