Party of One on Days of Merry

Many of us are having a Party of One this Christmas. I cheer those of us who are experiencing the day as just another (wonderful) day on planet earth. And for the consideration of those of us without plans for gathering, here are some tested recommendations to keep your tidings high and and your spirits good.
*Playing your favorite music at loud enough volume to encourage you to dance in the kitchen. I personally find that starting out with Bobbi McFerrin’s “Be Happy” followed by Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” and then a dash of the Topp Twins doing “Yodelling Accordian Gal” ending each go-round with the Pharrell Williams dance tune “Happy” works wonders for solo holiday delight.
*Preparing or just eating something rather extravagantly outside what you normally permit yourself. For me as a vegetarian, at Thanksgiving this meant ordering a delivery of the traditional T-day meal with all the fixings. For Christmas this year, I, a non-cook, baked! Though my effort at apple bread, as well as the Honey Garlic Butter Roasted Carrots dish did not come out stellar, my happiness whirling around the kitchen while I danced to the Topp Twins was an enormous success! If you’re even more of a non-cook than I, you could perhaps stretch to making stove-top popcorn with gobs of melted butter (and you can leave the nutritional brewer’s yeast in the cupboard this time). The point is to fill your home with smells that lift you to the heavens.
*Flowers. Flowers. Flowers. If you are solo on a holiday, it is essential to treat yourself as the treasured guest of your home. Nothing but the best of blooms, or anything else that pleases you. And ah, if you like, you can have all this and, wear your most comfortable flannel pj’s and your tried and true terry cloth bathrobe.
I think you’re getting the idea. Whatever works for you, lead yourself firmly away from feeling sorry for yourself. Each instance of a morose thought must be noticed, nodded to, and dispelled. Dissolved by a quick thanksgiving for the roof over your head, for example. You can mentally send some of your good-smell-good-music-good-food vibes out to folks that are hungry or cold or grieving or afraid. Sharing in this way, you will feel generous and united with others even if you are alone. I heartily recommend meditating on all the rest of the folks moving through Christmas without family or invitations. Hoping that it will bring you, as it is bringing me today, a surprising sense of community and a big dose of compassion. Wishing you much merry.

One Response to “Party of One on Days of Merry

  • Yes, home today alone but several great phone conversations and a 75 minute walk in super mild weather. This is just another day on planet earth to be grateful for, as Susa writes. I feel community with you all. I need to be patient with self care and healing; December has been a very hard month on my body temple.