In this new world we are making,
the fire of transformation
can no longer be private.
In this delicate world, pain
can no longer
be only our own.
Shared and seen,
spoken and known,
suffering bonds us now.

Open the window!
We need to breathe
We need to see,
We need to see further,
We need to breathe more.
Throw those shutters
wide, wide.
Do not shut yourself in,
leave them open.

We are looking out, out.
We have got to see outside.
The window’s big enough,
we could jump.
If it gets too cramped,
we could leap!
We could break out
from smallness,
to space, space.

To heal our species,
we must reveal our needs.
No, don’t close yourself in.
We must plunge, if need be
through sharp shards.
Let our window be open, let
there be space,
let it go on
and on, and on. And on.

© Susa Silvermarie 2022

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