These Whales

These whales,
blending grey in Pacific waves,
glide alongside our panga,
unruffled, buoyed
by deep trust.
What are they telling us?

The pandemic will pass
even as you, and I.
The earth will turn a few more millenia
with evolving species who solve,
who dance
with all the tentacles of all the obstacles
our prototypes created.

Keep one eye open, they say,
so half your brain’s awake.
Lucid dreaming’s the game
we all are playing.
Steer clear of fear and panic.
Rest, the whales say, and
stay conscious.

Absorb all the oxygen you can.
Slow your heart
down to pulses of trust.
Choosing it, the whales say,
creates it,
disperses it into the world.
Conserve your energy for joy.

These giant greys give guidance
and invite/entreat our help.
Everything is mutual, they say.
We have let you touch our skin,
We have made a molecule exchange.
Listen. We are calling you
to wider sentience. Now.

©Susa Silvermarie 2020

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