Trail Home

A poem from Ecuador that echos my feelings today, as I prepare to visit beautiful Wisconsin.

A remedy, a spell.
A lifeline. Giving thanks
is a trail I follow home.
No gift too tiny
to appreciate
No moment without a gift.

One after another
I keep on naming
the blessings.
Pepper on my eggs.
Oh spices of this life,
thank you, thank you.

A breese sweetens my nose,
caresses my neck
with a mother’s gentleness.
I call out to the day,
my voice of jubilation
like a canary’s.

I can’t stop praising
a world that
keeps on giving.
Water sliding cool
down my throat
loves me every day.

Now a waterfall
in the sacred Andes
offers a pure pool.
make a prayer, a joygame,
a mala bead rosary.

In the plaza,
the child’s smile
lifts my own lips.
With every gracias,
I feel myself
arriving home.

©Susa Silvermarie 2019



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