Uncaged (Getting out of Class Early)

Boing goes the child heart
inside my seventy-something bones.
Free, free, unexpected freedom!
I’m startled into weightlessness,
Boing! gravity releases me.
I’m on the upward bounce
and it doesn’t matter
where I land, what I do.
A present! A birthday out of order.
A wild, out-of-the-blue
always calls me yonder.

Learning does delight me and I don’t
aspire to get out early from life,
but the allure of something scheduled—
canceled! Ah.
A task erased, a calendar cleared,
an unpredicted lifting of constraint.
It unlocks a cage, and sweeps my heart
with a breeze of invitation.
My lioness pads out, gazes about,
sniffs the promises and the prospects—
and charges forth in absolute elation!

         ©Susa Silvermarie 2019


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