Watercolour Magic

To dip the tip or
to submerge,
delicious water choices for your brush.
What’s your state of wanted wetness?
If you’re sopping,
do you wish to dab
your brush on cloth?

Watch, oowee,
the power of water from your jar.
If you want to flick excess,
first look about to see if you’re alone.
But maybe today you want
to saturate instead.
Maybe today you like
your colours really juicy.

Live dangerous!
Pick up pigment,
and when it hits the paper,
review the wash.
While it’s wet, you can make
immediate adjustments.

Stay aware
of the wetness of the washes.
Don’t be safe, let
the damp wash
touch the wet.
Watch the explosions,
colours flowing
into one another.

Sometimes, let
the color bead backflow.
Sometimes, dip that brush
and let the brushstrokes show.
Work a colour harder sometimes,
load that brush to max
and see what happens.

Like a scientist girrl with goggles,
try every crazy experiment
without a single
grownup thought in the way.
Then sit back to see
how the wetness settles.

©Susa Silvermarie 2021

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