We Want to Live

All across the earth,

children’s voices rise:

We want to live.

All across the earth

a great gathering of children

crying out: We want to LIVE.

Children’s voices

in a thousand languages of earth,

ring out: Queremos VIVIR!


Our sleepy eyes fly open.

We bend our ears to the children.

On behalf of the children,

we rise, we change, we act.

This is the death of grasping.

Everywhere we set in motion

a great Giveaway.

All across the world,

we dissolve the walls and boundaries.

This is the birth of gratitude.

For the sake of the world’s children,

we invent unthinkable Love.


The children’s choir calls

We want to LIVE,

and their voices awaken us at last.

For the children of the world

we awaken to our task:

to care, in concert, in time.

To sing, as a whole human family:

We want to Live.

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