What Surprises

photography by Susa SilvermarieI’m getting ready to go to Ecuador for a month of exploring and writing and finding sacred medicine in the mountains. Before I leave, I look back on my Italy/Greece trip, my ancestor journey of six months ago.

I didn’t know that my ancestor pilgrimage intention of finding family would mean finding my way all the way back to Paleo and Neolithic ancestors. In Italy, at Roca Vecchia, Matera, and Ostuni; and in Greece on Crete, I explored caves where these ancestors lived and worshipped. Each of us, no matter when we lived, was washed inside the cave of the womb, in the amniotic fluid of our mothers. Each human being, modern and Paleolithic, experienced the birthing journey. When it was time, we each slid out into the wonder of earth; in a linked dance, whose rhythm has pulsed to reach to me. I was whisked through the curtain of time to sense their lives as linked, as necessary to my own, as real as my own.

Because of this ancestor pilgrimage, I understand myself in a wider way. Yes, I found family, not the blood relatives I hoped for, but species kin. I discovered a new vantage point that allows larger consciousness. I see myself for all that I am, cosmic being and local being, single focus and wide focus in sync. My ancestors have helped me stretch and make space for more of me.

I had a second intention for my journey, trusting the trip, in the literal sense of confidence during my ten weeks travelling. That intention stretched too, into trusting nothing less than life itself. I now can go to Ecuador, knowing angel beings will appear to help me when I need help. I now can lighten up in any conundrum, trusting the path will appear.

I invite new desires. I invite what I haven’t yet seen.  Something in Ecuador is calling me. To find out what it is, I again launch myself into the wide world. What surprises await me?photography by Susa Silvermarie

2 Responses to “What Surprises

  • May your travels sis seeing you and bring you great joy!

    • Ciao Chica…
      I too just returned from Italy! Only 3 weeks, and only 3 days in pursuit of family ties in Torino— but, like you, the infusion the immersion in the every day was the finding. The sense of expanse and cellular activation… I AM soooooo Italian! What is loved, and crafted, toiled in and sung is done so by me as well…
      We beings of wonder and curiosity, of sensory pleasure and hunger, of longing and drive — we spew forth, fountains of light which take myriad forms. Si?
      Oh, si, si!! ? ?? ??