Winter Solstice 2021

Dear Ones Everywhere,
The longest night of Winter Solstice approaches. It’s the season to go inward and find the place where you can rest in peace and ease. The long night is a time for silent listening to the deepest call of our spirits. Slow down, dear ones. Feel how, in this dark night, humanity can huddle together in steady love. Feel how we can be forgiving, feel how the Dark embraces us in the safety of forgiveness.

The practice of forgiveness is my new way of saying love. At this singular and pivotal juncture on our homeplanet, our training in forgiveness has to go for broke. If we don’t train like champions in the practice of forgiveness, our species falls away like the dinosaurs. Let’s be glad that our daily lives offer us such constant practice sessions!

Rest, dear ones, Rest on this Winter Solstice, and listen to your own soul’s call. To make the whole, each of us is needed. We can do this. We can develop the muscle of forgiveness, of steady love. I celebrate each one of you for your resilience and courage in these swirling times of new consciousness. You have brought light into my little lifetime. I thank you, and I send you steady love.

photography by Susa Silvermarie

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