You are invited!

Dear Lakeside Friends, Tomorrow on Saturday July 10 at 3 PM, you are invited to hear me perform poetry at Diane Pearl’s new Gallery in Riberas. Don’t miss this inauguration event! It’s time for our community to reunite in person, and I promise to rev up our spirits. I will be so happy to see you there. Calle Santa Margarita 23, Riberas Del Pilar. Warmly, Susa

3 Responses to “You are invited!

  • Roberta G
    1 year ago

    No zoom?? Live and on Antiga’s birthday

  • Roberta Hanus
    1 year ago

    How enlivening to wake up & read your poem on Belonging! Sincere appreciation & inspiration breathes through me.

  • Belonging is a beautiful ode to the truth of life…

    I read it this morning via We’Moon’s newsletter.