Your Everyday Divinity

We are alive in a time
when fear and love are stories
racing neck and neck.
Which shall we claim
and walk in the world?
is the question every day
for the everyday divinities
we each and all of us are.
Oh go, go forth alive

into this time
when time as we thought it was,
disappears its boundaries.
As easily as children
we move through the flimsy curtain
to recreate and heal
the past of our little selves,
and even the mistakes and wounds
made by our little species.

Every day remind yourself
that everything is possible.
Every day see through the news
to the future we are making.
Remember that dismantling
is only the tale on top,
the story that allows
our dissolution into something glorious.
Hello, I see your greatest Self.
Your everyday divinity is showing clear.

©Susa Silvermarie 2021

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