Hum of Wishing

I let it start in my heart,
a burring whir
that arrives to my throat,
a tone that emerges in air,
a hum that begins
to gather, to build,
a hum from my heart
that deepens and reaches.

It garners, in its arms of air,
whatever is around it.
Out it whirs from heart to home
and home to village,
from town to nation, the sound of it

The hum of love
comes forth from my heart.
And maybe from yours.
It’s easy to join the vibration
moving through the body chamber.
Easy to enwrap the world
so sound splashes out
in humming reverberation
all around the planet.

Doesn’t it feel like a dream,
the kind that made us all?
It feels like a call
without any words, just
a buzzy ringing,
a hive in communal murmur.

You can feel how our hum
is growing now,
all the way out to stars.
The hum of wishing all beings well,
enlivens our lips,
and thrums in our skulls
and makes our wordless mouths
agree on love.
This humming, oh,
our Mothertongue.

©Susa Silvermarie 2022

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