Tonantzin, Our Lady of Guadalupe

art by Ana Maria Vasquez from Fair Trade Crafts

Queen of Mexico’s Feast Day, December 12. She has many names, the woman who appeared on the hill in Tepeyac and spoke in the Nahuatl language of the Aztecs. At that same site, she was worshipped as Venerable Mother Tonantzin by the earlier ancestors of the indigenous man to whom she appeared in 1531. Among other names, the Virgin of Guadalupe is also lovingly called La Morena, Empress of the Americas, Queen of Mexico, and Our Lady of Tepeyac.

Some say that, as a Virgin, ie, a woman belonging only to herself, La Morena reflects the blessing of moonlight to women everywhere. Some say that this Goddess Tonantzin, who painted her self-portrait on Juan Diego’s cloak, is the Matron Saint of Artists. Many attest that she can help anyone, especially those who have been unable to find help anywhere else.

For the sake of the world, call on her magnificent compassion today on her feast day. Ask her help to create a planetary shift, ask her to help humanity jump the synapse from here — our current breakdowns, to there — our future of amazing possibilities. Call on her!

Whistling rockets burst
to white puffs of prayer,
making lace in the sky for Our Lady;
gratitude and adoration rising,
shot after shot,
shocking the foreigners.
Arrowing up
from Mexican hearts
all day long, all night,
in explosive devotion:
love for Our Lady!

©Susa Silvermarie 2018

A Short History of Tonantzin:



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